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The disappointed fans, with bowed heads left. Arriving at the Volkshaus, a few fans were already there. For Linde, Jussi and Gas begins the endless waiting. To avoid being bored they read the fan mail, which was thrown on stage during the last gig.

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They enter the room and are blinded by the flash of lights. After 15 minutes of pictures the first questions are asked.

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Soon Ville has had enough of this, and to end the situation Ville asks sarcastic: What do you want? Will it make you happy if I tell you we are Goths! The crew is working very hard to build the set. A few hours later, when the local bands are done, it is time for our Finnish Goth Rockers.

It is so amazing how 5 bored, completely different men can turn into such a sensational and tight band. First this information: saatana is after vittu the most used curse word on this tour. In front of the bus is a map and the bus driver marks it, so the boys have a bit of an idea where they are and where they are going. There is also the head of a plush dog, hanging there…. Animal sacrifices in the name of Satan? I can imagine when you are in a small space, packed with 10 people for months, it will get on your nerves.

When we arrived at Amalgane in the early afternoon, a few fans were waiting. The band was welcomed and entertained by the local organizers. After a short sound check Mige and Linde got their bong. People passing by gave them a hard look. Juska and Ville were playing chess in the tour bus, and Gas is air drumming with his cell phone.

A Knight in the Ville: Why the Babies Cry

When Mige and Linde were done smoking they all went to the tour bus to rehearse a little. Not for the show this night, but a Turbo Negro song Rendezvous with Anus. While Ville is doing push ups, Mige and Linde grab their guitars and try to play the first notes of the song.

Gas is air drumming, and Juska is using his voice as keyboard. Again it proves how much these 5 Finns enjoy making music. The club is packed, and not like the other gigs, this audience is different. Not the teenage goth girls, but boys and girls of all ages. Refreshing, despite the the heat. It is so hot that when Mige head bangs he sprays the front rows. Hands were lifted, making the evil sign. Suddenly the crowd starts shouting: is the number of the beast…A completely different atmosphere than at Top of the Pops.

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After the show they all go to their dressing rooms except Juska, he has to do an interview. When I walked to the cigarette vending machine down the hall I bumped into a lady, I noticed her from the front row, staring at Ville. She begged me to take her backstage…. Lots of female fans dream of this, but for me it became reality…to spend a night under Ville Valo. My back hurt and some of the Finns were snoring rather loud.

When we woke up we were near the Frankfurt hotel. In the room Silke and I shared waited a nice surprise, on the t. HIM was expected to do a signing session for Shure the microphones Ville has a endorsement deal with Shure. While the boys did the signing, the 3 Finnish technicians, Seppo, Silke and I were at the Shure reception. After the signing session, which was one of the less complicated ones, we walk through the venue. But he is a also person who needs his rest time. When a person walks up to him and says: your music sucks, he replies lethargically yeeeeeeeees….

For the evening the Shure people have planned something special, a dinner with Rock legends Uriah Heep. Ville and Juska are too exhausted, the rest are enjoying the evening. The next morning, a 3 hour drive to Luxembourg. Some sleep, some play video games. A car with a trailer passes the bus. On the trailer is a huge hamburger…. Arriving at the hotel, the usual procedure, everybody to their rooms. After having dinner with the band, the crew, and the local organizers, we were taken to the club in a darkened van.

At the club, while the band members are stretching their legs, a female fan approaches and hands over a present for Ville, a huge pink dildo with a heartagram painted on it. Backstage the guys rest some more. They decide to record the Turbo Negro cover in September instead of tomorrow because they will be in the studio by then to record some new songs. This night the supporting act is once again Reamonn, or Reaman whatever, nobody knows the proper name.

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They warm up the audience and HIM gives the excited crowd a great show. Reamonn, the support band, are leaving the tour tomorrow so they meet up after the gig for drinks with the guys in the hotel bar.

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Everyone but Ville is drinking and having a great time. Jussi, the baby of the band, is the first to pass out. Gas is talking to the drummer of Reamonn about drums and drumming his favorite subject. Ville observed all of this a bit bored.

A Knight in the Ville

On this Tuesday night there is no martini for an appetizer, only an interview. He ordered his diner, grabbed his cell phone, walks outside and talks to me! Ville: We have a couple of Festivals left to do, but did you hear what happened on Highfield festival in Erfurt? First there were some technical problems and we got a late start, round The humidity was very high and it seemed like the atmosphere was electrically charged, like before a thunderstorm. We played 3 songs and all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Thunder, lightning, and the rain, terrible!!! On stage the water was like 10 cm 4 inch deep.

Everything was soaked and people started to throw mud at us.

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We had to cancel the gig. All the equipment was on stage, the PA broke down. We had so much fun at the beginning and we were furious it had to end like this. The audience was disappointed too, of course. I can imagine! But you decided to do something for your fans, unlike many other bands…. Ville: Yes, we play September 24th in the Messehalle in Erfurt. People with a ticket for Highfield festival can come in without paying. We owe them another gig.

But it would be a dream to perform with Sopor. Ville: Tons of them! Ville: Well, Sopor Aeternus laughs.

Gravesites, Memorial Sites and Day of Remembrance Locations

Ville: Probably yes, a bit louder than RR but also very melodic. The songs sound beautiful and cool! Trying new things keeps us energized. It sucks to play the old songs over and over again. We played some of the new songs at the festivals, like Salt in our Wounds. We were in Amsterdam, to meet a video director. We went to a club and there was this huge swimming pool.

We went in there fully dressed, smoking cigarettes, drinking Jack Daniels. When I woke up the next morning I was wearing hand cuffs…. Ville: I was so wasted, the people at the hotel assumed I was a tourist who had an overdose.