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Old Spanish word, English gloss, text location, Hebrew original, parallel readings from corresponding passages in other Old Spanish Biblical variations. Ariza, A.

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Salvador, and A. Madrid: Arco, Montgomery, Thomas.

Lexical vignettes dealing with meaning and etymology of aapte, acedado, apriso, aprivadar, arrabar, corroto ; offers examples of these words from other medieval texts. Montgomery, Thomas, ed. BRAE , Anejo 7. Madrid: RAE, Includes all words. Examples of each meaning of each word with text reference and etymology.

Montgomery, Thomas, and Spurgeon W. Baldwin, eds. Del Evangelio de San Marcos al Apocalipsis. BRAE , Anejo Pattison, BHS 51 : ; M. Roy Harris, ZRP 89 : , esp. Complete vocabulary with up to five examples of each use of each word. Gives etymology only if text suggests a new solution.

Particularly notable is the large number of suffixed formations The only criticism of the glossary is that references to other texts tend to be few and somewhat arbitrary Morreale, Margherita. In Memoriam. Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Lexical comments on some thirty words found in Old Spanish versions of the Bible; emphasis on translation equivalency between Old Spanish word and Hebrew or Latin original. Divorciarse de la ramera Divorce the harlot or live with her like a man.

Just where the whore said she'd be.

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Regarding the whore's destruction, only being burnt with fire is mentioned. Yes, well Debes dejar a la ramera o irte de Kingsbridge. You must either leave the whore or leave Kingsbridge. Is it the whore of Babylon?

El Escorial Revelation (Apocalypse Figurado of the Dukes of Savoy), s. XV (Versol) *****

Read the story of the harlot Rahab in Joshua 2. The beast obeys the whore , and will murder when the whore tells it to murder. The Vatican is the whore ; the beast that carries her is the one-world government which the whore controls by the spirit of Satan Revelation Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

¿Quién es la prostituta de la Babilonia en el Apocalipsis? (Parte 4)

Register to see more examples Register Connect. Suggest an example. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. Language: Spanish.

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Brand new Book. A secret order, the Sons of Light, is planning a terrorist plot to bring about the end of the world, trying to place a bomb in Vatican City when all the world's cardinals in there will be voting for the next pope.

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This happens a few weeks after the last pope, a German named Franz Laurenz, has resigned and decided to engage himself in a private fight against the sect of the Sons of Light. Seller Inventory ARN Seller Inventory M Apocalipsis Latrama Paperback.

Dr Mario Giordano. Publisher: Ediciones B , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis A secret order, the Sons of Light, is planning a terrorist plot to bring the end of the world, trying to place a bomb in Vatican City when all the world's cardinals are voting for the next pope. Buy New View Book. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Seller Image.