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My favourite lines:. Then he brought his lips to her ear. My opinion: Pain and Love. The compassionate Julia finally finds the strength to stand up for herslef in more than one occasion. We watch as the two lovers learning each other. Their love blooms. I like Paul's character, he is in love with Julia but he tries to be a good friend, even though this is killing him.

There are many people who wants them apart Is their love strong enough?

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Will they be together at the end? But Neil isn't giving up. He's a soldier who has endured years of longing and sacrifice to wait for her. He's fought his way through battles before and this is one he can't afford to lose on any level. Neil is going in fighting--to make Elaina see what he already knows Review: Derailed seduced by the park avenue billionaire part 2 by Nelle L'Amour.

Review: Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen. The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up. So she grabs the cash, her gothy sibling, and their life-sized statue of Dolly Parton, and blows outta Nashville in a cloud of dust. Chicago, here we come Turns out, Chicago has some pretty hot cops. And more. My opinion: It was a nice story. I like that we get to hear stories about many of the characters. I loved how callum was responding to stella. It pissed me off in some parts but it was worth reading it untill the end.

Best lines:. The first thing I thought when I entered her was, this is Heaven. The second, her tight pussy is.

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Those words took me deeper into the beautiful abyss as my orgasm. Smiling down at her, I felt somewhat lighter and then, out of nowhere, my possessive streak reared. He came in with a steaming mug, wearing fitted,. Lethal was the word. For it will. Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.

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I like the way it's written. It was like i was watching a movie, so vivid. There were moments that i was laughing so hard We have advices from Drew,how men see things and a few words of wisdom. If you haven't read this book then you MUST do it. As I finally reach our floor, panting and sweating, I see Kate leisurely leaning against her office. She offers it to me, along with that breathtaking smile of hers. It makes me want to kiss her and strangle her at the same time.

Love Billy. Marry Billy. Just please…God…please just fuck me. Whoever invented karaoke is evil. They should be shot between the eyes with a dull bullet. Sucked him off? Been tea-bagged? That phrase? Hearing that phrase is the dream of every man who has ever lived.

My opinion: This series just getting better and better with each book. In this book we see alot of up and downs on Drake's and Lana's relationship. He is finally sober.

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So soon you'll see the update here with the link from my review on my book blog. I chose this rating because this was a really great series. The characters were, some good and some bad. I loved Ari, Sarah, and Ben. The way Ari and Sarah met on the train was magical and breath taking. Ari was very demanding man and when after what he wanted. That was Sarah. His ex wife tried to stand in there way with crazy a. She was a real nut. She tried to stop things, but love prevailed. This was a great series. I recommend this book to all romance readers.

May 17, Tammy Crawford rated it it was amazing. Amazing book, highly recommend. Aug 29, Astraycat rated it it was ok Shelves: virgin-heroine , attack , contemporary-romance , stubborn-heroine. The is an Ok short read.

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It's too bad there are many possibilities if the story is longer. Most of all, I totally can't feel for the heroine. Certain decisions she makes and certain actions she takes are so irrational and ridiculous that I want to ask her, what the hell are you thinking? And they have sex in the toilet on the trai The is an Ok short read.

And they have sex in the toilet on the train! Second, she runs away from the hero, Ari, two times due to misunderstand without questioning him first, so why Ari keeps going back to her is beyond me. The first time, she has dinner with Ari, but when she sees Ari hugs a redhead woman, she not only leaves the restaurant but throws her shoes! How childish! The second time, she meets Ari in the park when she is jogging. Your best friend already googles him, says he is a bachelor, and you still thinks him is a married man The most foolish decision the heroine makes is to break up with Ari because of her boss!

Very irrational and ridiculous! No wonder Ari's sister thinks she is too childish to be Ari's girlfriend. Totally agree with her! I enjoyed the story of Ari and Sarah, here is where it lacked for me. First I find it unrealistic a virgin would sleep with a stranger in the bathroom of a train. How did Ari not know this, i mean seriously. Secondly, I so understood Ari's apprehension of getting involved considering his past and explaining to Sarah that they wouldn't spend the night together ever and he's not looking for a long term commitment.

I get it, respect him for it but a day later he's taking her away for the weekend. I wish it was more developed so we could see Ari's feelings change. Thirdly, I felt the sex scenes didn't match their personalities or relationship. Now, what I did like and there was a lot. I loved Ari and his passion. He's a bit of a romantic more so than an alpha male. Loved his relationship with his whole family. He just seems like a great guy.

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