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The postmark of a returned letter guides Mark to the region where she is being held.

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There, he meets by chance Countess Ruby von Treck Norma Shearer , an American-born widow, but she also does not want to become involved, at least at first. Then, she asks her lover, General Kurt von Kolb Conrad Veidt , about Emmy and learns that she has been judged a traitor in a secret trial and sentenced to death. At a concert, Mark encounters Doctor Ditten, who takes the opportunity to deliver Emmy's letter.

Then, Ditten drugs Emmy into a coma, making it appear as if she has died. He tells Mark what he has done. Mark sends longtime family servant Fritz Keller Felix Bressart to collect the coffin, but the American's nervousness raises the suspicion of the political police and he is brought to the camp for questioning.

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He is allowed to take his mother's body away. Robots is wary, because, in performing the calculations, their rival's non- positronic supercomputer has destroyed itself.


The U. Robots and Mechanical Men company finds a way to feed the information to its own positronic computer known as The Brain which is not a robot in the strictest sense of the word, since it doesn't move, although it does obey the Three Laws of Robotics , without the same thing happening. The Brain then directs the building of a hyperspace ship. Powell and Donovan board the spaceship, and the spaceship takes off without them being initially aware of it.

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They also find that The Brain has become a practical joker: it hasn't built any manual controls for the ship, no showers or beds, either, and it only provides tinned beans and milk for the crew to survive on. Shortly after their journey begins, and after many strange visions by the crew, the ship does safely return to Hyper Base after two hyperspace jumps.


Susan Calvin has, by this time, discovered what has happened: any hyperspace jump causes the crew of the ship to cease existing for a brief moment, effectively dying , which is a violation of the First Law of Robotics albeit a temporary one ; the only reason the artificial intelligence of The Brain survives is because Susan reduced the importance of the potential deaths, and descending into irrational, childish behavior as a means of coping, allowing it to find a means for ensuring the survival of the crew.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I had made several attempts in that time to escape, but did not succeed. This was the first time I ever attempted to escape and gain my freedom.

How could I ever expect to escape to a country where I could be a free man?