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You Are Here: home unt libraries government documents department this report. Showing of 42 pages in this report. Description This report describes the Keystone XL pipeline project, as proposed by TransCanada in its May 4, , Presidential Permit application, and the process and procedures that the State Department is obligated to complete in processing that permit application.

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Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this report or its content. Authors Parfomak, Paul W. Publisher Library of Congress.

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Congressional Research Service. Place of Publication: Washington D.

Keystone XL Pipeline Inches Forward as Order Blocking Work Is Lifted

About Browse this Partner. She cited as an example an effort by Saudi Arabia to stop pro-oil-sands television commercials. Many Native Americans and Indigenous Canadians are opposed to the Keystone XL project for various reasons, [] including possible damage to sacred sites, pollution, and water contamination, which could lead to health risks among their communities. According to Debra White Plume, a Lakota activist, indigenous peoples "have thousands of ancient and historical cultural resources that would be destroyed across [their] treaty lands". Indigenous communities are also concerned with health risks posed by the extension of the Keystone pipeline.

TransCanada has developed an Aboriginal Relations policy in order to confront some of these conflicts. In , TransCanada made a major donation to the University of Toronto "to promote education and research in the health of the Aboriginal population". Securities and Exchange Commission to review TransCanada's claims that the Keystone Pipeline would create 20, jobs. Stating that the company had "consistently used public statements and information it knows are false in a concerted effort to secure permitting approval" of the pipeline, Radford argued that TransCanada had "misled investors, U.

In July , President Obama stated "The most realistic estimates are this might create maybe 2, jobs during the construction of the pipeline, which might take a year or two, and then after that we're talking about somewhere between 50 and jobs in an economy of million working people.

State Department's Preliminary Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, issued in March , estimated 3, direct jobs and 42, direct and indirect jobs during construction. In Glen Perry, a petroleum engineer for Adira Energy, warned that including the Alberta Clipper pipeline owned by TransCanada's competitor Enbridge, there is an extensive overcapacity of oil pipelines from Canada. The expected lack of volume combined with extensive construction cost overruns has prompted several petroleum refining companies to sue TransCanada.

Suncor Energy hoped to recoup significant construction-related tolls, though the U.

Energy Regulatory Commission did not rule in their favor. According to The Globe and Mail ,. The refiners argue that construction overruns have raised the cost of shipping on the Canadian portion of Keystone by per cent while the U. They accuse TransCanada of misleading them when they signed shipping contracts in the summer of In , United States Democrats were concerned that Keystone XL would not provide petroleum products for domestic use, but simply facilitate getting Alberta oil sands products to American coastal ports on the Gulf of Mexico for export to China and other countries.

Markey , D-Mass.

Transportation Systems Casebook/Keystone Pipeline

In , frustrated by delays in getting approval for Keystone XL via the Gulf of Mexico , the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines via Kitimat, BC and the expansion of the existing TransMountain line to Vancouver, Alberta has intensified exploration of two northern projects "to help the province get its oil to tidewater, making it available for export to overseas markets". Pipeline opponents warn of disruption of farms and ranches during construction, [] and point to damage to water mains and sewage lines sustained during construction of an Enbridge crude oil pipeline in Michigan.

Pipeline spills are not just an environmental concern. Pipeline spills can also result in significant economic and employment costs, although the systematic tracking of the social, health, and economic impacts of pipeline spills is not required by law. Leaks and spills from Keystone XL and other tar sands and conventional crude pipelines could put existing jobs at risk.. There might be unintended economic consequences to the construction of Keystone XL. As an example, the additional north-south crude oil transport capacity brought by Keystone XL will increase the price the oil sands producers receive for their oil.

These higher revenues will have a positive impact on the development of the industry in Alberta. In return, due to the Petrodollar nature of the Canadian currency these same additional revenues will strengthen the Canadian dollar versus the United States dollar. The Bakken oil is of a higher quality than the Canadian sand oil and can be sold to east coast refinery at a premium that they would not get sending it to Gulf refineries.

On November 6, , President Obama rejected Keystone XL citing the urgency of climate change as a key reason behind his decision. Public opinion polls taken by independent national polling organizations toward the beginning of the dispute showed majority support for the proposed pipeline in the US.

The overall results of polls on the Keystone XL pipeline taken by independent national polling organizations from to were as follows:. On November 6, , several thousand environmentalist supporters, some shouldering a long black inflatable replica of a pipeline, formed a human chain around the White House to convince Barack Obama to block the controversial Keystone XL project. Organizer Bill McKibben said, "this has become not only the biggest environmental flash point in many, many years, but maybe the issue in recent times in the Obama administration when he's been most directly confronted by people in the street.

In this case, people willing, hopeful, almost dying for him to be the Barack Obama of On October 31, , Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was also arrested in Texas for criminal trespass after trying to deliver food and supplies to the Keystone XL protesters. On February 17, , approximately 35, to 50, protesters attended a rally in Washington, D. Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI , and others as invited speakers.

On March 2, , approximately — protesters marched from Georgetown University to the White House to stage a protest against the Keystone Pipeline. The tarp represented an oil spill, and many protesters dressed in white jumpsuits covered in black ink, symbolizing oil-covered HazMat suits, laid down upon the tarp. On January 19, , TransCanada announced it may shorten the initial path to remove the need for federal approval. In April , it was learned that the government of Alberta was investigating, as an alternative to the pipeline south through the United States, a shorter all-Canadian pipeline north to the Arctic coast, from where the oil would be taken by tanker ships through the Arctic Ocean to markets in Asia and Europe [] and in August, TransCanada announced a new proposal to create a longer all-Canada pipeline, called Energy East , that would extend as far east as the port city of Saint John, New Brunswick , at the same time providing feedstock to refineries in Montreal, Quebec City and Saint John.

The Enbridge "Alberta Clipper" expansion of the existing cross-border Line 67 pipeline has been continuing since late When completed it will add , bpd new capacity to the existing pipeline for cumulative total of , bpd. In October , a suit was filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council that challenged the pipeline on the grounds that its permit was based on a deficient environmental impact statement.

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The suit was thrown out by a federal judge on procedural grounds, ruling that the NRDC lacked the authority to bring it. In June , Sierra Club , Inc. The suit alleges that, contrary to the federal Administrative Procedure Act , 5 U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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