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Even the youngest readers will find comfort during this stressful and difficult time. This book helps boys and girls understand that death is a natural complement to life, and that grief and a sense of loss are normal feelings for them to have following a loved one's death. When Will I Stop Hurting? This book provides an overview of grief as a painful but normal process, and it offers insights from bereavement experts as well as practical suggestions for coping with loss, including personal accounts from teens.

You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk About Life After the Loss of a Parent By Lynne Hughes Through frank and accessible testimonials, Lynne Hughes and the kids of Comfort Zone Camp share the most difficult parts of their losses and offer their own experiences of what helps, what doesn't, what "stinks," and ways to stay connected to their loved ones.

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Wolfelt, Ph. When teenagers lose loved ones, they often feel confusion as well as heartache. Wolfelt, whose decades of experience in grief work with teens informs his ideas, offers ways to facilitate grieving and come to terms with loss. Judy Davidson is a national consultant, speaker, counselor, and author who was widowed at the age of She shares her insights as a death educator and trauma specialist with children, parents, and counselors. Gootman, Ed. In this update of a publication, 16 short chapters deliver helpful information on subjects including: How can I stand the pain?

How should I be acting?

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What is "normal'? What if I can't handle my grief on my own? Bridge to Terabithia By Katherine Paterson In this classic novel, fifth grader Jesse Aaron's dreams of becoming the fastest runner in his class are dashed when newcomer Leslie Burke outruns everybody, even him. But Jess and Leslie begin a friendship, and soon they discover a magical kingdom in the forest, where they reign as king and queen.

The friendship between young Jess and Leslie grows as they meet in Terabithia - their secret hiding place - and ends with a life-changing loss for Jess. Behind the Eyes By Francisco X. Stork The powerful story of sixteen-year-old Hector Robles, growing up in El Paso, Texas whose world changes when his older brother dies in gang violence. Following an outburst of violence, Hector faces the possibility of having to attend a reform school and must figure out for himself the path he wants his life to take.

This is the hilarious kid who freaked his mom out by putting a ceramic eye in a defrosted chicken, who did a wild solo dance in front of the whole school because the music got in his pants, and the kid who, if he'd only worn his bicycle helmet, would still be alive now. Phoebe has great memories of her brother, but cannot see how her family will ever pick up the pieces and move on.

All around them are images that Jed's older brother Zeke wrote about: drummers, drunks, dog walkers, and the beautiful water towers that dot the city's skyline. But what Jed is really in search of is Zeke, a poet who loved jazzman Charlie "Bird" Parker and who left behind his CDs, a notebook, and a lot of unanswered questions.

The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo After Rob's mother dies, and he and his father move to a new town to get a fresh start, he discovers a caged tiger in the woods. An emotionally rich story about a boy caught in the powerful grip of grief.

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When Jerry and Claire saw each other from across the room at the Steegmullers' party, Claire was dumbstruck. They had each brought a date to the party, "so we couldn't really talk much," she told me. Every time she looked up, though, their eyes seemed to meet and she felt herself blush, afraid he might think she was rather forward. The next day Jerry phoned the hostess to thank her, and to ask her about that beautiful girl in the blue dress. She gave him Claire's address at Shipley. The next week, Claire received a letter from Jerry.

She wrote a letter to him in return, agonizing over it, afraid she might not sound clever enough to a real writer. He telephoned and wrote to her off and on throughout the school year. She knew from his letters that he was hard at work finishing a novel. She thinks he changed the school that Holden's friend Jane Gallagher attended to Shipley for her. She knew, too, that Jerry was seriously considering becoming a monk. He had become friends with Daisetz Suzuki and meditated, he told her, at a Zen center in the Thousand Islands. The next year, when "The Catcher in the Rye" was published, he abruptly switched to Vedanta and often studied with Swami Nikhilananda at the Vedanta center in the East Nineties.

But he had already met Claire. But I wouldn't have had to get incarnated in an Amer ican body if I hadn't met that lady. When Claire came home to New York from Shipley for the summer, they started seeing each other. This was soon interrupted when each left for Europe, Jerry to the British Isles, to avoid being in America for the publication of "The Catcher. Claire went to Italy, to be with her dying father. It did not come as a surprise to anyone who knew her father that old age finally caught up with Robert Langdon Douglas, or RLD as he was called by friends.

He was nearly seventy when Claire, the last of his fifteen or so children, was born in Baron's "Knights and Peerage" records nine of them.

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By the time she can remember him, he was suffering from senile dementia. She told me once, at an age when I, too, would have "died" of embarrassment, that in the middle of a formal dinner party at their home in London, he boomed across the table in his plummy churchman's voice, "Claire, have you moved your bowels today? RLD's final years were characterized by similar occurrences of progressive unpredictability; however, his decision to repair to Italy to spend his last days rather than to the Black Douglas Clan's lair in Scotland was well considered.

Two divergent paths of his long life led him, at the end, to San Girolamo, a convent and nursing home for retired clergy, high in the hills above Florence.

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He had been an Anglican priest and had had a parish in Oxford, England, for a time. Several wives and even more offspring later, it was thought best that he find some other mode of employment, and he began his second, highly successful career as an art dealer and historian.

Perhaps RLD did, too; toward the end of his life he converted to Catholicism. When he died, he was awarded a hero's funeral in Siena, where he is entombed in a great wall. My mother said the whole city turned out in medieval procession that day, with costumes, trumpets, and pageantry, to pay homage to the man who, through his work, had restored such honor to their city.

My mother gave me his funeral proclamation by the city of Siena, a two-foot-by-three-foot document worthy of an honorary Italian. After the funeral, Claire returned to New York. Jerry was back as well and had settled into an apartment on Fifty-seventh Street. When Claire first saw it, she was speechless.

It was, she told me, "one of those partly underground, ground-floor places, very underwater feeling. The whole apartment was black and white. I was appalled, frightened, excited, bug-eyed at the black sheets on his bed. They were the height of sophistication and depravity to me. For Jerry, though, I think the black sheets and the black bookshelves, black coffee table, and so on matched his depression. He really had black holes where he could hardly move, barely talk. Claire would stay the night with him on those black sheets, but they were not intimate.

Jerry was very involved with Vivekananda's Vedanta center at the time, she told me, and as his character Teddy said, meeting a woman was heading in the wrong direction for enlightenment.

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Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda's guru and predecessor, expressed the same opinion, though more forcibly, in his book "The Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna" which my father sent to his British publisher, Hamish Hamilton, as the only thing worth reading , saying:. A man may live in a mountain cave, smear his body with ashes, observe fasts, and practice austere discipline, but if his mind dwells on worldly objects, on "woman and gold," I say, "Shame on him!

For woman one man becomes the slave of another, and so loses his freedom. Then he can not act as he likes. When a disciple of Ramakrishna's confesses that he has been enjoying sexual intercourse with his wife, Ramakrishna replies, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You have children, and still you enjoy intercourse with your wife. Don't you hate yourself for thus leading an animal life? Don't you hate yourself for dallying with a body which contains only blood, phlegm, filth, and excreta? She was careful to hide this from Jerry: "Your father would not have approved, all that vain, worldly, women-and-clothes stuff I didn't dare tell him.