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Then choose news or web. Then copy each citation from the Reflinks tab to between the REF links. Making a little speech in my user talk page really shows how immature you are. God, you are such a child. How old are you? And those aliases are from video games in case you haven't figured that out. And you've been blocked twice before. The fact is you are anal retentive and cry like a little baby everytime things don't go your way. You're just like Daymee. Now why don't you do us both a favor and deal with your new stalker friend instead of bothering me.

P By the way, what the hell does the B in your username stand for? I just saw that he had edited some articles. Being new to the topic are you may have been unaware of the TM ArbCom and that the articles in the topic fall under its discretionary sanctions including Peremptory reversion or removal of material referenced to reliable sources and added in good faith by others, is considered disruptive when done to excess.

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This is particularly true of controversial topics where it may be perceived as confrontational. In light of this you might consider self-reverting these edits and discussing them on the talk page before removing them again. In this edit you removed text along with 7 sources. In this edit you removed text and 3 sources.

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In this edit you removed a large amount of content along with 4 sources. Thanks for your input and good faith efforts to improve the articles in and around the TM topic. All over this discussion, he puts people down and ridicules people because they don't agree with him.

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Schulz is a loser with no life and nothing better to do than to keep this article on a short leash. If you go to his page and read his writings you'll find that he's a socialist moron with no real education related to climatology, and has nothing real to add to the conversion except what's been spewed by the UN yes-men ""scientists"" who call themselves the IPCC. I think the episode list should look like this.

It's clean and organized. Season Series TitleU. AirdateProduction code" 0 " A little something for my bestest buddy: Admin Tom" 1 " Gee, 5 minutes of reverting redirects cost you precious time. I am sooooooo sorry bout that. I have been back to the page and, aside from revisiting burned bridges, i admire the work poured in.

But it does not excuse the way you treated me. And before you go into a hoopla about how i acted, i do understand your frustration. My outbursts throughout my lifespan here isn't perfect, nobody's is. But it's hard, Hodson, it's hard to be the good guy in situations where they only want to rip your heart out and drain it of your good will. I've been treated like scum trying to be helpful, and no matter what, i'm the fuckup.

So i binned good will and civility and adopted your's and Moni ingenious antagonist view of things: Fly in guns blaming and be unapologetic. And when did the term for coward change to ""someone who wishes their name be removed from a statement or quote""?

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I know what i wrote. I was sorry, but now i'm not. It's not in the context i wrote it in. It's for Moni to get a laugh out of my person. So think what you will of me, i just couldn't care less anymore. Take my spirit and impale it on a fucking spike if you want, that part of me is gone.

Gotta be an asshole in an asshole's world. Imma let everyone know what wikipedia really is!!! Fuck off Rcaist fuckers!!!! Bitches 0 Article suggestion As the 'notability query' has been added to this page, and Teawiki [www. Athough I was 15 years old at that time, I closely watched political changes in my country. I don't care if you don't believe me.

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It's nonsense to merge those two articles into one. If they ranked the players in the last years Dhoni would not even be ranked in the top , let alone the top six like Trumper. Season's greetings nerd. This contravenes Wikipedia's policy on verifiability.

If you continue to do so, you may be blocked from editing Wikipedia. And I'm right between books right now. I'll pick it up and check it out. I suggest you in the future don't remove fact tags or any other tags without actually doing anything to justify it. Really now. Please do not change the size of photos for no reason, even if it is just one pixel. The sizes are semi-standardized for a reason. You dont have to make yourself obvious as a criminial on the loose. Are not you supposed to be pimping your mother in L. You just preach to your pimping ass. There's no chance this fight could get much, much worse in the near future.

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  • No, no chance of that at all. Pointed sarcasm much? Of course it's wrong to use the term ""British Monarch"" in a context outside of or above the United Kingdom; it sets up a contradiction within Wikipedia wherein some articles say rightly that the Monarch is shared equally, yet other articles attach the monarch predominantly to one country.

    Perhaps it's the fact that you're not from what more than a few editors here seem to still view as ""the Colonies"" that prevents you from understanding the problem with this. It's not as though it's a big deal to right the wrong; it's only those with a republican bent JDM and those with a imperial pro-British attitude Thark who cause a problem when the UK is made to be - horror of all horrors!

    Mangum, OK VIOLENT Tornado!! 5/20/2019

    Can we try an RFC? I'd like to start with a brief neutral statement of the question and have others here respond with one statement each, link prior discussions if you like, limited to words, no rebuttals or arguments, then wait for comments from others, at least two days before any reactions.

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    The neutral question would be ""Should the title of this article be Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia, or Serbia under German Occupation, or something else; consider the prior talk sections above. Just list the RM on various noticeboards. And an RfC for what exactly? If someone wants to move the article - let him post an RM, that's what its for.

    We'd probably go through the whole annoying song and dance to no effect. And where's the sense in having an RM for a move to one title, while posting an RfC of all things for a move to another title?? But it makes no sense. I certainly won't accept any title that has not been agreed-upon in a proper RM, whatever the outcome of the RfC - indeed, if any. Additionally, an RfC may not be the most useful and effective means of DR here, since the dispute is immensely complex, obscure, and thoroughly bogged-down in misleading rhetorical nonsense.

    A ""vote on-the-fly"" would not be very helpful, and would probably be drowned in far-more-knowledgeable retorts from long-time participants.