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After seeing his glowing nose, the other reindeer, Fireball included, start ridiculing Rudolph; Comet denies Rudolph from being with the other reindeer as a result. Clarice is the only reindeer who still likes Rudolph and tries to comfort him. However, their musings are interrupted by Clarice's father, who forbids Clarice from being around Rudolph. Feeling outcast, Rudolph runs away into the forest. While in the woods, Rudolph meets up with Hermey.

The Diaries of Robin's Toys

The two bond after they discover they each have something that makes them unique. After deciding to be "independent" together, they set out to seek "Fame and Fortune. The two manage to escape him. Later, they meet a prospector named Yukon Cornelius who is obsessed with finding silver and gold.

Because they are misfits but not toys, King Moonracer allows them to spend one night on his island. Rudolph leaves the island on his own, having realized that his nose is a danger to his friends. A few months later, Rudolph grows into a handsome young stag. He decides to return home despite being ridiculed. When Rudolph arrives back in his cave, he finds out that his parents are not there. He learns from Santa that they left to go looking for Rudolph, and Clarice went with them.

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Rudolph searches the North Pole and he finds his family and Clarice being held captive by the Abominable Snowman. Rudolph attempts to rescue them before Hermey and Yukon Cornelius find him and they try to help. They manage to knock out the Abominable while Hermey removes the monster's teeth, but Yukon knocks himself, his sled team, and the monster over a cliff when he stands up to the beast. The others return home, where they tell what happened to the others. Rudolph and Hermey stop being ridiculed, and the lead elf finally allows Hermey to open a dentist's office the week after Christmas.

Yukon and the others, who survived, make a grand entrance with the Abominable, now reformed by Yukon.

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Everyone decides to keep the monster around because he can put a silver star on top of Christmas trees without a step-ladder. However, a strong blizzard is too much for Santa's team to handle, so Santa decides to cancel the Christmas Eve flight. But Rudolph's nose inspires him, and he asks Rudolph to lead his sleigh, which he agrees to. Rudolph leads the sleigh to the Island of Misfit Toys and takes the toys along the flight, where they are dropped off to their respective homes. With Rudolph leading the sleigh, it turns out to be a merry Christmas after all. The story, by Romeo Muller, introduced several new characters inspired by the song's lyrics.

Muller told an interviewer shortly before his death that he would have preferred to base the teleplay on May's original book, but could not find a copy. The show features Santa Claus voiced by Stan Francis and the eight reindeer mentioned in the song. Of them, Donner is identified as Rudolph's father and his family referred to in passing, likely as a joke, as the Donner Party , and Comet is presented as the coach of the reindeer team. Claus is also incorporated into the story. Sam The Snowman - The narrator, voiced by and styled to resemble folk singer Burl Ives, who also contributes several tunes throughout the show.

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Among the most famous numbers from the special is Johnny Marks' "A Holly Jolly Christmas", which became a Christmas standard in its own right. Hermey the Misfit Elf voiced by Paul Soles - who prefers studying dentistry to making toys. One of many memorable songs from the show, "Fame and Fortune" was added to the airing of the show as a replacement for the reprise of a number called "We're A Couple Of Misfits", sung by Hermey and Rudolph soon after their initial meeting.

The special's restoration saw "Misfits" returned to its original film context, while the DVD release showcases "Fame And Fortune" as a separate number. Clarice the Doe voiced and sung by Janet Orenstein A pretty doe Rudolph meets at take-off practice, and she immediately develops a large crush on him. In fact, it was Clarice who was part of the reason why Rudolph knows how to fly in the special, because she tells Rudolph he is cute and that gives him encouragement, resulting in a giant leap through the air.

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Even when the cap popped off of Rudolph's nose, Clarice remained faithful to him and follows him into the woods, where she performs one of the special's musical numbers "There's Always Tomorrow. The trio was then captured by the monster, but Rudolph rescued them in time. Despite the fact that, in reality, reindeer of both sexes grow antlers, neither Clarice nor any other doe in the special has antlers. Yukon Cornelius voiced by Larry D. Mann - a prospector who leads the audience to believe that he is searching for either gold or silver, but is actually seeking peppermint as revealed at the end of the original version of the special.

His greedy behavior inspires the song "Silver And Gold", sung by Ives and previously well-known in its own right. Yukon is a blustery but benign character who ends up helping not only Rudolph and Hermey, but also the Bumble, an abominable snowman. Yukon Cornelius can be seen throughout the special tossing his pick ax into the air, sniffing, then licking the end that contacts the snow or ice.

The removal of the scene near the end of the special for subsequent telecasts in which Yukon Cornelius discovers a "peppermint mine" by that method near Santa's workshop left audiences assuming that he was attempting to find either silver or gold by taste alone. The scene was returned to the film in as well.

Tall, thin and bespectacled, this character was an integral part of the stop-motion commercial and subsequent print ads produced for General Electric for the inaugural broadcast. Hermey's Immediate Supervisor voiced by Alfie Scopp is the portly and ill-tempered foreman and songleader of Santa's workshop. He wears a goatee styled to resemble popular songleader, Mitch Miller, and begins by using Lawrence Welk's famous introduction, "Ah one, and ah two".

He is outraged at Hermey's persistent disruption of the assembly line with his dentistry studies. However, for all their rehearsals, and because of them, Santa finds the song annoying. Towards the end of the special, he finally grants Hermey's wishes and allows him to open a dentist's office.

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In one of the show's bloopers, Hermey's immediate supervisor is voiced by a different and unidentified voice actor in the musical scene as he begins conducting the group. The Bumble Monster a. The sight of Rudolph's glowing red nose drives Bumble into a rage. Sam the snow man also explains that the Bumble hates everything to do with Christmas as well. Later, Bumble captures Rudolph and his family at his cave. However, Yukon and Hermey come to the rescue by knocking the monster unconscious and extracting all his teeth. Near the end of the film he has a change of heart as he is seen putting the star on top of the Christmas tree and becomes a part of Christmas Town.

Several new members of Santa Claus's herd of reindeer include Fireball, a young buck with a distinctive shock of blond hair who befriends shy Rudolph at the 'Reindeer Games'. The Reindeer Games are the annual contest where Santa Claus evaluates the flight skills of his youngest reindeer. It is Fireball who encourages Rudolph to meet Clarice.

Clarice informs Rudolph that she finds him cute. Inspired by Clarice's affection, Rudolph impresses all the reindeer assembled with his flying ability. Fireball is the first to witness Rudolph's true appearance and is terrified by the sight. Though Fireball does not appear on screen to be among the reindeer who mock Rudolph at the Reindeer Games, his voice is clearly heard doing so. He can be heard calling him "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and then some other bucks laugh. Most of the adult male reindeer, including Donner, Comet, and Clarice's father, were voiced with similar voices by Paul Frees.

The "Island of Misfit Toys", another canonical addition to the original story, is an island sanctuary where defective and unwanted toys are sent. Among its inhabitants:. King Moonracer - a winged lion who acts as the island's ruler, voiced by Stan Francis. King Moonracer is responsible for flying around the world each night in search of unwanted toys. He lives in a large castle atop a hill on The Island of Misfit Toys, and acts as a 'governor' to the island, deciding who can or cannot stay on the Island, such as Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius.

Charlie-In-The-Box is a misnamed, but otherwise seemingly normal jack-in-the-box who acts as the island's sentry. Charlie is voiced by Carl Banas, who also voices several other toys in this scene. Spotted Elephant is a polka dotted elephant and also is the island's footman. The show revealed that Rudolph's producer, Arthur Rankin Jr. A misfit cowboy who rides an ostrich. Trainer, a train with square wheels on its caboose.

A toy boat that sinks rather than floats; a squirt gun that shoots grape jelly; an airplane that cannot fly, a bear that rides a bike, and "a scooter for Jimmy". Toy versions of nearly every character from this show were produced in the s. Viewers were so taken by these forlorn characters that many complained Santa was not seen fulfilling his promise to include them in his annual delivery.

In reaction, a new scene for subsequent rebroadcasts was produced with Santa, with Rudolph in the lead, making his first stop at the island to pick up the toys.

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