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One of our favourite bits in the whole book was the following exchange between Sarah and Robot Holmes:. The chances of molecular disintegration are very slim indeed. Barron's use of description for places and people are terrific; there's a particular moment later in the book when Sarah arrives at Voxxen, and Barron's detailing really adds flesh to the world as you feel the almost claustrophobic atmosphere as they venture deeper into the bowels of Voxxen.

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There are thrills, twists, turns and enough exciting changes in pace and setting to keep your interest throughout. We were genuinely sad to reach the end of the book and it most certainly left us wanting more. Without spoiling too much, there's a rather sobering epilogue that addresses the consequences of Sarah's story, and with an ending that unquestionably paves the way for a sequel, we cannot wait to see what adventures Sarah gets up to next. Comments Post Comment.

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She's a children's editor at a publishing house and writes from a sunny Brooklyn apartment stuffed with far too many bikes and far too many shoes. When she's not writing, Rhoda obsesses over nail art tutorials, watches kung fu movies, and sews together crooked things that pass for clothes.

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It will make it so much more fun when I read the book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!! Looking forward to reading Empress of a thousand Skies!

Thank you Listening to the playlist now. Though the two managed to escape, the Empress was able to continue her plan by force-feeding the Huon liquids to Lance, using him as a new "key" to unlock the Secret Heart within the Earth.

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The Doctor would return to the base and use a roboform remote control to use the roboform bombs from their killer Christmas trees to blow up the pipes within the flood barrier, causing the water from the Thames river to pour in and cascade down the shaft to the centre of the Earth, drowning the newly-awakened Racnoss before they could reach the surface.

The Empress of the Racnoss had remotely commanded her Webstar ship to attack London, but boarded the ship after the Doctor drowned her "children" by draining the Thames. However, the attack had drained the Webstar's Huon energy, leaving it vulnerable. The British Army had sent in tanks and they opened fire on the ship is it hovered low over London. The Webstar, and the Empress, were destroyed by a hail of artillery fire.