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Pitchforks and Torches. Keith Olbermann. Darren Dochuk. End of Discussion. Mary Katharine Ham. Conservative Victory. Sean Hannity. The Big Sort. Bill Bishop. The Big Con. Jonathan Chait. Bob Carlton. Why You're Wrong About the Right. God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Mike Huckabee. God and Hillary Clinton. Paul Kengor.

Tempting Faith

God in the White House: A History. Randall Balmer. Spin This!

Bill Press. At the Tea Party. Laura Flanders. Republican Gomorrah. Max Blumenthal. Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media.

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Ishmael Reed. Too Dumb to Fail. Matt K. A Long Time Coming. Evan Thomas. Moyers on Democracy. Inside Obama's Brain.

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Sasha Abramsky. The Man in the Middle. Timothy S. Nancy L. Tim Graham.

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Assault and Flattery. Katie Pavlich. Stupid Black Men. Larry Elder. Flyover Nation. Dana Loesch. Jesse Ventura. Fire and Fury. Michael Wolff. Bad Stories. Steve Almond.

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No He Can't. Kevin McCullough. Double Down. Mark Halperin. Kurt Eichenwald. Leland Gregory.

Tempting Faith

Letters to a Young Contrarian. Christopher Hitchens. Attack of the Theocrats. Sean Faircloth. Reclaiming Hope. Michael R. Common Sense. Thomas Paine. David Cay Johnston. The Teavangelicals. David Brody. Love, Poverty, and War. Common Ground. Cal Thomas. Blood Feud. The Case Against Barack Obama. David Freddoso.

Core of Conviction. Michele Bachmann. How the Hell Did This Happen?

The Jesus Machine.