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David Ashton. Murder on the Celtic. Murder on the Caronia. Whited Sepulchres. Murder on the Minnesota. Fall From Grace. An Air of Treason. P F Chisholm. A Feast of Poisons Kathryn Swinbrooke 7. Murder on the Salsette. Murder on the Marmora. The Lost Abbot.

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A Grave Concern. Murder on the Lusitania.

Review – Nicholas Bracewell Series by Edward Marston

The Devil's Domain. The Stolen Voice. Pat McIntosh. Murder on the Mauretania. Death at Pompeia's Wedding. The Assassin's Riddle. A Holy Vengeance. Maureen Ash. Murder Most Holy. The Counterfeit Madam. Enemies at Home. Lindsey Davis. The Repentant Rake. Edward Marston. A Christmas Railway Mystery. The Railway Detective Collection.

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Murder on the Brighton Express. The Stationmaster's Farewell. The Excursion Train. A Bespoke Murder. The Iron Horse. Peril on the Royal Train.

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The Railway Detective. The Silver Locomotive Mystery.

A Ticket to Oblivion. Soldier of Fortune. Railway to the Grave. Blood on the Line.

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Timetable of Death. Inspector Colbeck's Casebook. Instrument of Slaughter. Five Dead Canaries.

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The Railway Viaduct. The Amorous Nightingale. The King's Evil. Shadow of the Hangman. A Very Murdering Battle. Signal for Vengeance. Deeds of Darkness. Fire and Sword. Under Siege. The Circus Train Conspiracy. The Painted Lady. The Frost Fair. Drums of War. The Parliament House. Dance of Death. Under Attack. Steps to the Gallows. Media Paperback. Resource type: Physical. ISBN: Nicholas Bracewell befriends a young beggar who is trying to eke out a living as a counterfeit crank, pretending to have spectacular epileptic fits in order to get money from gullible bystanders.

When the beggar is murdered inside Bridewell, Nicholas hs to pose as a beggar himself in order to get inside the notorious institution so that he can solv.

Series title: The Bracewell Mysteries, You must login to be able to reserve this item Add to wish list. Recommend this. Available: 4. Titles by same author. The Stationmaster's Farewell. Year Media Book. Add to wish list Recommend this. A good mystery yet again from Marston. Kept me guessing right to the end. Show all versions.

Timetable of Death. The Princess of Denmark.