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Tectonics , 29 TC , Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research , 28, Advances in natural and technological hazards research , 28, Correction to? Tectonic inheritance and Pliocene-Pleistocene inversion of the Algerian margin around Algiers: Insights from multibeam and seismic reflection data?

Tectonics , 29 3 , -. Tectonophysics , 1 , Quantifying the role of sandy-silty sediments in generating slope failures during earthquakes: example from the Algerian margin. International Journal of Earth Sciences , 98 4 , Recent and active deformation pattern off the easternmost Algerian margin, Western Mediterranean Sea: New evidence for contractional tectonic reactivation.

Sedimentary processes and origin of sediment gravity-flow deposits on the western Algerian margin during late Pleistocene and Holocene. Marine And Petroleum Geology , 26 5 , Domzig A, Gaullier V. Deposition processes from echo-character mapping along the western Algerian margin Oran-Tenes , Western Mediterranean. Pure And Applied Geophysics , , Comptes Rendus Geoscience , , Active thrust faulting offshore Boumerdes, Algeria, and its relations to the Mw 6.

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The Kramis fan offshore western Algeria: the role of sediment waves in turbiditic levee growth. LOFI J. DAN G. Ratzov, G. Asioli, A. ID Bracene, R. Medaouri, M. Babonneau, N. Gaullier V. Interactions between salt tectonics and deep-seated tectonics. Part I: Examples from the Western Mediterranean. Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity? Lymer G. Influence of regional tectonic stresses on the evolution of gravity spreading structures above salt: the example of the Algerian continental margin tested by physical experiments.

Silva Jacinto, R. Strzerzynski, P. Yelles, A.

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The Kramis Fan offshore western Algeria: role of sediment waves in turbiditic levee growth. Cattaneo, A. Mass transport processes along the active Algerian margin: a review of their occurrence and potential link with geologic setting and tectonic structures. Dominguez, S. Strzerzynski, J. Boudiaf, and K. Domzig A.

The Algerian margin : a case study of interaction between Plio-Quaternary sedimentation and tectonics. Evidence for contractional reactivation of a passive margin: the case study of the central Algerian margin. Lofi J. The Messinian Salinity Crisis event from an offshore point of view : Recent advances. Ateneo Parmense? Sellier, N. Gravitational salt tectonics triggered by deposition of turbiditic sediments: a new experimental approach with applications to salt tongues in the U.

Gulf of Mexico. Using the Messinian and Plio-Quaternary deposits as markers of the vertical motions in the tectonically inverted Algerian margin. Abstract T53B Vendeville, B. Shallow salt tectonics above active basement structures, Am. Annual Convention, Denver Colorado, June , Savoye, B, Cattaneo, A. Domzig, A. Lofi, J. Multi-parametric analysis and slope stability assessment of a submarine slide offshore Algiers Western Mediterranean , 33rd International Geological Congress, august, Oslo, Norway, , Abs.

AGU, 89 53 , Fall Meet. Dan, G. Yelles, R. Govers, R. Wortel, C. Petit, A.

Salt tectonics in the deep Mediterranean : indirect clues for understanding the Messinian Salinity Crisis. Kherroubi A. New evidences for recent uplift, thrusting and folding offshore easternmost Algeria. Baalbek's citadel served as a jail for Crusaders taken by the Zengids as prisoners of war. Muslims from the surrounding area gathered, however, and entered the castle through a secret passageway shown to them by a local. The Crusaders were then massacred. Three major earthquakes occurred in the 12th century, in , , and Ibn al-Muqaddam did not consent and Saladin opted to invest the city in late to maintain peace within his own family.

Instead, its emir did homage and agreed to regular payments of tribute. The Mongolian general Kitbuqa took Baalbek in and dismantled its fortifications. Later in the same year, however, Qutuz , the sultan of Egypt , defeated the Mongols and placed Baalbek under the rule of their emir in Damascus. Like the Hamadas, the Harfush emirs were involved on more than one occasion in the selection of Church officials and the running of local monasteries. What repression there was did not always target the Christian community per se. From the 16th century, European tourists began to visit the colossal and picturesque ruins.

For example, details of the Temple of Bacchus's ceiling inspired a bed [] and ceiling by Robert Adam and its portico inspired that of St George's in Bloomsbury. During the 18th century, the western approaches were covered with attractive groves of walnut trees , [44] but the town itself suffered badly during the earthquakes , after which it was held by the Metawali , who again feuded with other Lebanese tribes.

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He noted both the magnificence of the Roman remains and the drab condition of the modern settlement. Despite finding nothing they could date prior to Baalbek's Roman occupation, [] Puchstein and his associates worked until [70] and produced a meticulously researched and thoroughly illustrated series of volumes.

The sherd featured cuneiform letters. In , Jean-Pierre Adam made a brief study suggesting most of the large blocks could have been moved on rollers with machines using capstans and pulley blocks, a process which he theorised could use workers to move a tonnes tons block. Lebanon's representative gave assurances that the committee's wish would be honoured.

Recent cleaning operations at the Temple of Jupiter discovered the deep trench at its edge, whose study pushed back the date of Tell Baalbek's settlement to the PPNB Neolithic.

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Finds included pottery sherds including a spout dating to the early Bronze Age. The stone was found underneath and next to the Stone of the Pregnant Woman "Hajjar al-Hibla" and measures around It is estimated to weigh 1, tonnes 1, tons.

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Baalbek still has its railway station [] but service has been discontinued since the s, originally owing to the Lebanese Civil War. Another two— Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev —were believed to have been abducted alive but were later killed and then refrigerated.

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They were transported by helicopter [] and supported by Apache helicopters and unmanned drones , [] [] The Israeli Defense Forces was acting on information that Goldwasser and Regev were at the hospital while al-Jazeera and other sources claimed the IDF was attempting to capture senior Hezbollah officials, particularly Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek. Conservation work at Lebanon's historic sites began in October. The Tell Baalbek temple complex, fortified as the town's citadel during the Middle Ages, [92] was constructed from local stone, mostly white granite and a rough white marble.

The nearby Qubbat Duris , a 13th-century Muslim shrine on the old road to Damascus, is built out of granite columns, apparently removed from Baalbek. They weigh approximately tonnes tons each. This quarry was slightly higher than the temple complex, [] [] so no lifting was required to move the stones. Through the foundation there run three enormous passages the size of railway tunnels. Immediately behind the Propylaeum is a hexagonal forecourt [70] reached through a threefold entrance [73] that was added in the mid-3rd century by the emperor Philip the Arab. The rectangular Great Court to its west covers around 3 or 4 acres 1.

They may have simply been rolled into position along temporary earthen banks from the quarry [] or multiple cranes may have been used in combination. In the mid-1st century, Nero built the tower-altar opposite the temple. In the early 2nd century, Trajan added the temple's forecourt, with porticos of pink granite shipped from Aswan at the southern end of Egypt. The Temple of Bacchus —once wrongly credited to Jupiter [] [m] —may have been completed under Septimius Severus in the s, as his coins are the first to show it beside the Temple of Jupiter.

The area around the inscription of the eagle was greatly damaged by the earthquake. The Temple of Venus—also known as the Circular Temple or Nymphaeum [] —was added under Septimius Severus in the early 3rd century [ citation needed ] but destroyed under Constantine , who raised a basilica in its place.