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Emphasize problem solving and using the information gained from one or more techniques throughout this option. Students should understand the chemical principles behind each analytical technique but are not expected to have a detailed knowledge of the instruments themselves. X-ray, uv, visible, ir and radio including microwave should be identified.

Cross reference with 2. The description should cover vibrations, rotation and electronic transitions only. A schematic diagram of a simple double-beam spectrometer is sufficient.

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AQA A-Level Chemistry - Organic Analysis

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Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Moving-Window Average Smoothing Method. Savitsky--Golay Filter. Kalman Filtering. Spline Smoothing. Transformation Methods of Analytical Signals. Physical Meaning of the Convolution Algorithm.

Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet Transform

Multichannel Advantage in Spectroscopy and Hadamard Transformation. Fourier Transformation. Fast Fourier Transformation. Fourier Transformation as Applied to Convolution and Deconvolution.

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Numerical Differentiation. Simple Difference Method. Data Compression. Data Compression Based on Fourier Transformation. General Features of Two-Dimensional Data. Double-Centering Technique for Background Correction. Congruence Analysis and Least-Squares Fitting. Differentiation Methods for Two-Dimensional Data. Local Principal-Component Analysis and Rankmap. A Simple Example: Haar Wavelet.

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Multiresolution Signal Decomposition. Basic Properties of Wavelet Function. Wavelet Function Examples. Meyer Wavelet. Daubechies Wavelets.

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Coiflet Functions. Fast Wavelet Algorithm and Packet Algorithm. Fast Wavelet Transform. Inverse Fast Wavelet Transform. Packet Wavelet Transform.

Transform techniques in chemistry / edited by Peter R. Griffiths | National Library of Australia

Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform. Multiresolution Signal Decomposition of Biorthogonal Wavelet. Biorthogonal Spline Wavelets. A Computing Example. Two-Dimensional Wavelet Transform.

Multidimensional Wavelet Analysis. Implementation of Two-Dimensional Wavelet Transform. Principle and Algorithm. Data Denoising and Smoothing.